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Jan 31, 2013 5:00pm PST
. temperatures from today. santa rosa, that is significant. the 62 in fairfield, see how it is cooler inland, which is the opposite of the summer months. right? hotter inland. warmer long it coast, bay. 69 redwood city, a lot of the cool air hangs out in the central valley. show you where the jet stream is going. over the top of us. come in close. i show you the fog, blown off shore a little bit. that is because -- see that? when the winds go in that direction, pushing the fog away it warms us. in that pattern the air is sinking, and it is warming. that is what we got. i am super large right now. i will get smaller. promise you that. you will be able to see your city. 62 oakland. 60 concord. 58 in walnut creak. 59 in san francisco. nice out there right now. 63 santa rosa. what is going on with the rain? records to 1860, right, this is the third driest january since 1850, before california was a state. records go way back. impressive how little rain we have had. we are not getting rain so the record sticks. ground is wet. valley fog back in the forecast. tomorrow is friday already, weather lo
Jan 28, 2013 5:00pm PST
inland. cooler over night than it has been each night. 33 in santa rosa. 32 napa. just above freezing but you will find freezing temperatures. this 33 in santa rosa. east of santa rosa, you will find a 32, probably. frost. and you will find valley fog. going back to a more stable weather pattern. this could get osspare the air day -- us a spare the air day this week. we will track that as well. um borrelias are not -- umbrellas are not coming up. patchy fog. look for it in the -- the spots, towards the delta. because we haven't had a lot of rain, right? but there is moisture in the delta. where the delta comes in. valley fog the real deal, the real possibility for wherever you are. over night lows chilly. headlines are for cool over night lows. patchy valley fog. tomorrow, like today, but warmer. and then extended dry and mild. now with that said, you know it is not going to rain. when i come back i will dial in the temperatures for you. i will get you your forecast highs for tomorrow and the rest of the week. i will see you back here. >> thank you. >> more than again years but -- 15
Feb 1, 2013 5:00pm PST
on this map. 69 in mountain view. in santa rosa you have the 68. just south of town a little bit you'll find a 70-degree reading. hearsay how it goes. the haze in the atmosphere at sunset. we have some air quality concerns tomorrow as we get into that. what we're seeing a lot of are the high clouds coming over the top. high clouds coming in, it bends the light, refracts the light. and turns it into different colors. these high clouds are doing the beeping of the light. tonight's sunset is going to be stunning. we'll try to post one on our web page. is it going to bring rain? no. is it going to bring clouds? yes. is it going to cool us off? yes. it will drop a few degrees tomorrow. but then sunday the clouds shunt away and we begin to warm up a little more. temperatures, mid60s, low 60s. still really nice and above average for february. 65 right now in santa rosa. that is warm. 63 in napa. 60 in walnut creek. it's warm outside. you travel about t will cool off rapidly tonight. going out tonight, whatever you're doing, take a jacket. may not need it right now, but you will by the time
Jan 25, 2013 5:00pm PST
in santa rosa and roner park. as we head into tonight and tomorrow that's the story. there's a slight chance for a sprinkle as we head into the bay area weekend. so right now temperatures are kind of mild. like i said 62 in san francisco. 59 in santa rosa. highs today were in the mid-50s even upper 60s. a really nice day. highs tomorrow are going to come down. because that next system, it's a cold front it's not very powerful. but as you come through you're not going to see 60s. it's going to deposit cooler air. and it'll be just in the 50s. overnight lows tonight will still stay mild. then saturday morning or pardon me sunday morning temperatures plummet. the four cast then will be for some fog as you wake up. just as it has been. we had fog this morning. patchy valley fog. reduced visibility. it has dense fog advisory but you know where it is. for your saturday morning. you go it's not that cold. maybe some patchy fog. as the day goes on. there's a pretty good shot for a few sprinkles out there. that's how the forecast goes. tonight maybe a sprinkle in the forecast. tomorrow a sligh
Jan 29, 2013 5:00pm PST
. forecast overnight lows, 36 in santa rosa. chilly overnight. these numbers, you don't have to be at freezing to get frost. if you had frost this morning, you'll see a bit tomorrow morning. the next 48 hours or so, looking for more of the same. do we need rain? we always need rain. averages are doing okay. but every day we go without some rain, then we just, the percentages whittle away rapidly. we're not looking at rain for at least the next five days. we're looking at valley fog. the cool overnight lows. patchy valley fog. you can look for the fog there. fog up in the napa area. patchy, goes away quick. daytime highs tomorrow, noticeably warmer. fog in the morning and then warmer as we go. as we head into the bay area weekend, temperatures continue to stay on the warm, mild side. we'll talk about that. we have in the five day forecast, show you which day will be the warmest. >> dramatic pictures from china to share. what swallowed up one building and caused at least three ores to collapse. >> getting their fair share. the anniversary of two key laws that helped level the p
Jan 27, 2013 5:00pm PST
towards san francisco. and santa rosa. san jose 60. morningen hill 60. gilroy 61 -- morgan hill 60. gilroy 61. five-day forecast, temperatures warm up. wednesday and thursday, mid-60s with your weekend in view, no rain clouds, sun clouds, saturday and sunday. but you can see here, we need the rain but it is not showing up. rest of january should be dry and first few days of february. >> thank you. >>> follow mark and the rest of our ktvu channel 2 news weather team online, posting on facebook, twitter, and mobile ktvu. >>> looking for odds on the super bowl? at the zoo they use animal instinct to predict a winner. the orangutan has her choice yesterday of which box to open first. one with a 49ers blanket or the other where the ravens item. here she goes. no hesitation, red and gold. although she likes san francisco, her picks since 2008 has been half right. so i don't know. you go with the orangutan? >> why not? >>> coming up, more from fan fast as a beard was getting a lot of attention. >> and more from new orleans where the 49ers have arrived. sports wrap is coming up next.
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6